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Why is Governance and Compliance Hard?

What's the first thing that runs through your mind, when you think about Governance and Compliance? Approvals and complicated processes.

Approvals and Processes are not the solution

There are guidelines and regulations to be followed and cloud engineers are often asked to follow complicated processes that may involve multiple approvals.

Build your Governance Workflows in Fylamynt

  • Fylamynt gives you powerful controls to codify every aspect of your Governance process.
  • Pick an existing workflow from library and modify to suite your needs
  • Keep the whole team on the same page

Example - Delete old IAM Roles

A common problem in large organization is left-over old IAM roles that belong to old users, who may have left the company. These may pose a compliance and security problems in the future.

Want to find out how to fix this problem? Sign up and checkout our pre-built compliance workflows in the Fylamynt Workflows library.

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