Build Workflows With Little or No Code

Delightful visual interface to build workflows

Intuitive Visual Interface

Fylamynt's visual interface is fast, easy-to-use and flexible. Connect your cloud stack in interesting ways to solve various business tasks.

Intuitive Visual Workflow Builder
Use Code Or No-Code

Workflow as Code

Are you a coder who relishes in fine tuning your workflows? Our user interface gets out of your way and lets you write your workflows in Python and JSON. Switch between drag-and-drop interface and code, without loss of information. Workflow-as-Code with or without writing code!

Powerful Connectors & Actions

Take advantage of our comprehensive Action library to Connect any part of your cloud.

Powerful Connectors & Integrations

Ready to get started?

With Fylamynt you can Build, Run and Analyze cloud workflows securely for any cloud with little to no code.