Is that a bug in my workflow?

Analyzing and debugging workflows in Fylamynt

Prasen Shelar
June 22, 2021

It is rare that your automation workflows, especially if they are somewhat complicated with nested routines, run autonomously at all times. There’s usually some analysis involved whether it’s debugging failed runs or monitoring run results.

With Fylamynt, you can run and manage all your workflow executions in one single place irrespective of the service or code you are executing. You can search for any workflow with a few keystrokes in our context-aware search interface to review run logs.

The Execution dashboard below gives you an at-a-glance view of successful, failed, pending, waiting, canceled, in progress and timed out runs. You can then drill down from this dashboard to get more log details for a particular run.

Given that all runs are auto-documented within Fylamynt, you not only have a single place to monitor all your workflow executions but you also have a ready-made audit trail.

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