Fylamynt to introduce ‘Cloud Incident Response’ with Slack, Zoom, Jira and an Intelligent Dashboard

It’s Time to Be an Incident Response Pro. You voted for it and now it’s here. Join us in this new incident response era.

Prasen Shelar
November 30, 2021

It’s 2021 and where do we stand today with Incident Response?

Oh, wait. But I’m using Pagerduty, Slack, Zoom, Jira, Datadog, Splunk and Terraform for incident management. I collect my incidents in Pagerduty, observe application metrics with Datadog incident management, notify teams on Slack, collaborate on Zoom and remediate issues with Terraform. How is it going to be different with Fylamynt? Short answer: Incident management is not Incident Response.

Said an SRE who’s burdened with the manual work of incident response...kept switching screens from one product to another...

Incident response in the cloud is an often-debated, sincerely misunderstood concept that even the most advanced SRE teams cannot fully comprehend. The real problem is, while these best in class solutions are very adept at addressing problems for specific functional areas, they perform in silos and do not mirror the real-world processes.

We don’t intend to lay out a best practice guide for incident response with our feature set. This is our sincere attempt from listening to our customers, hundreds of cloud infrastructure practitioners, SREs and On-Call teams to build an end-to-end modern incident response platform.

The new incident response platform has arrived!

Elevate your DevOps and SRE teams to use a one-stop-shop platform for effective incident response.

A tiny sampling of the new features

Be in control of your alerts and on-calls. Not the other way around.
  • Easily connect your favorite tools to bring incidents in one place and respond faster.

Combine the power of Slack, Zoom & Jira to collaborate with ease for incident response communication.
  • Enable ‘full collaboration mode’ to automatically create a private Slack channel, Zoom meeting and Jira issue for a specific incident.

Use the intelligent dashboard to track incident metrics, environment health and application metrics all in one place.

Accelerate incident response with low-code runbooks & ready-to-use integration actions.
  • Plan in advance with runbook automation remediation to respond to various types of incidents.

Get full control over your incident notifications

Launching next week

We will be launching our incident response feature soon. Sign-up with an email and start managing your incidents in Fylamynt

You voted for it and now it’s here. Join us in this new incident response era.

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