Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Cyber 5 — is it a Big Deal for your DevOps team?

It’s not just the brick-and-mortar retailers that should worry about Black Friday this year. With increased online traffic, many DevOps teams will experience their busiest time of year as well.

Rebecca Auguste
November 19, 2021

Are you planning to get some deals this Black Friday? Most of us look forward to the bargains to stock up on Christmas gifts and besides, how fun is it to score a huge discount on that latest TV or game console? Well, Black Friday takes on a whole different meaning when you are front line support staff if last year’s online website outages are any indication of what to expect this year. Almost 50 brands saw outages from the surge in user traffic between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Perhaps consumers will make the trek to brick and mortar stores this year, but I suspect most of us have become quite comfortable with shopping from bed.

The spike in traffic volume causes high CPUs, low latency and high error rate alerts (too many 500s). Even though a lot of IT teams have contingency plans in place, it still takes a huge workload for the team to resolve these alerts. And in such a competitive market, even minutes of website downtime can result in revenue loss in the millions.

So, how do you make on-calls suck less or increase your team’s productivity to ramp up for the expected onslaught of alerts this holiday season?

With Fylamynt, you can create automated workflows so your entire product stack is integrated, and incidents are ingested automatically, tracked, enriched and classified for response. All this happens before a single human touch. Once the incident is classified, the workflow can fire off communications to the relevant stakeholders for ticket review and approval of automated remediation actions. Below is an example of such a scenario.

Read more about how you can automate outage alert monitoring and remediation. We also integrate with tools like DataDog, Splunk On Call and PagerDuty to streamline incident response.

And once the shopping feeding frenzy is over (Cyber 5 are the 5 days bookended by Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday), you can automate the monitoring of resources so that under-utilized resources can be terminated or stopped.

Fylamynt has created the world’s first enterprise ready low code platform for building, running and analyzing SRE cloud workflows. With Fylamynt an SRE can automate the parts of the runbook that are the most time consuming, allowing them to make decisions where their expertise is needed.

So this Black Friday, why don’t you check out Fylamynt for free? It would be a great gift for your DevOps and SRE teams this holiday season.

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