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Bringing cloud automation for DevOps and SREs to the Spot CloudOps platform.


Manual incident management at 2am sucks

02:00 AM
Pager buzzes, SRE is woken up
02:05 AM
Assign incident
02:20 AM
Find runbook
04:00 AM
Where are my logs?
06:00 AM
VM doesn't reboot as expected
08:00 AM
Entire team is involved
DynamoDB ReadThrottleEvents
Count of user requests exceeded throughput.
AWS API Gateway 4XX/5XXError
Latency and 4xx/5xx errors reported.
EC2 Memory usage violated
Memory Used % > 60 for at least 1 minute.
Underutilized EBS volumes recs
Delete EBS volumes with low utilization.
Service outage reported in region us-east-1
S3 is experiencing high error rates.
The Solution

Fylamynt automation

SRE teams can now leverage Fylamynt’s Automation Platform to easily build automated workflows that take necessary actions to respond to incidents 24X7.
10:00 AM
Your team only has to meet for an incident post-mortem meeting.

Experience 70% faster resolution and 50% fewer incidents.

Integrate existing services using our rapidly growing library of connectors, webhooks, and more.  Our no code interface can be used by any engineer to build, run and analyze a workflow.


Build workflows with little or no code. Fylamynt's visual interface is fast, easy-to-use and flexible. Connect your cloud stack in interesting ways to solve various business tasks.

Fylamynt execution platform


Orchestrate any service, any code. Run your workflows connecting any cloud service to any code. Take advantage of our built-in connectors for popular Infrastructure-as-Code tools including Terraform, Ansible and Cloud Formation.


Debug and analyze any workflow. Tired of debugging your automation workflows? Try our intuitive dashboard to help you find and solve problems quickly.

workflow platforms process
Fylamynt execution platform

Powerful Automation
with Connectors

Integrate existing services using our rapidly growing library of connectors, webhooks, and more
Fylamynt's low-code approach helps our teams build workflow automation quickly without writing a lot of glue code.
Justin Fitzhugh, VP of Ops